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This is my website... This is my welcome page... My name is Ernesto "DJ Esanto" Santoro. I'm a mix-DJ.


December the 21st: Now I'm really close: 107 out of 113 in-the-mix. Getting ready to mix in the last 6 tracks. Yes!! :-)

December the 17th: Almost there but not there yet. The finish line is near... Almost 100 tracks mixed in Yearmix 2014. Turn up the speakers! :D

December the 12th: Ho ho ho! I now have 86 tracks mixed in the DJ Esanto Yearmix 2014! You work at a radio station or own one? Send me an e-mail if you're interested broadcasting Yearmix 2014. :)

December the 5th: Big update: there are now 69 tracks mixed! Oh, I love harmonic mixing. :P

November the 29th: Close to the start of December and I've mixed 50 tracks so far in Yearmix 2014. Bring on the dance, baby! :P

November the 21st: Hurray! Hurray! My Yearmix has reached 109.0 bpm! Creating this yearmix brings me joy & happiness. C.A.C.T.P.M. Volume 9 will be a 2015 thing!

November the 17th: DJ Esanto Yearmix 2014 now contains 24 tracks! More updates will follow soon...

November the 14th: 15 tracks are now mixed in Yearmix 2014. Jorryt gg, finishing 3rd in the WSOP ME 2014. Too bad you called the all-in with a lesser pair of fives against the nines...

November the 11th: Here's another update: 7 tracks have made it so far in Yearmix 2014. Jorryt van Hoof, chipleader at the WSOP Main Event 2014 with just 3 players left. Go Jorryt!

November the 9th: OK, I finally started mixing Yearmix 2014. The first 2 tracks are in. Let the rest follow that same path. Check "Yearmix" for more info.

October the 7th: It's about to start again, the annual yearmix/videomix flood and this year I'm in! Yes, DJ Esanto Yearmix 2014 is coming! :)

August the 9th: Seems like all my RapidShare links are still there except the new ones (the vinyl update of June 27th). I fixed the broken thumbs of and links to the C.A.C.T.P.M. covers. More on the way e.g. older mixes to Mixcloud.

June the 27th: And 4 more packages with 12" records! Check out the vinyl section for: Donna Summer - Dinner With Gershwin * Shakatak - Mr Manic And Sister Cool * Shalamar - Circumstantial Evidence * Total Contrast - Jody ... Enjoy!

June the 3rd: I've upped 3 new 12" records to the vinyl section: Boogie Box High - Jive Talkin' * Mel & Kim - F.L.M. * Stock, Aitken And Waterman - Packjammed (With The Party Posse). Enjoy! However, the RapidShare thing will last until July the 1st! So here comes a "new" host... Usenet? ;-)

Enjoy Your stay,



DJ Esanto - VIDEOyearmix 2012 from Ernesto Santoro on Vimeo.